About Us


The Mommy Galleria is a proud & happy company providing affordable business & professional attire to women & moms who mean business.  One of our goals is to empower & inspire women to chase their dreams and goals. The Mommy Galleria has partner with The Mommypreneur  Foundation to donate 30% of its proceeds to help women who are moms with business start ups.  To date we've donated over $2,000 and counting scholarships. 

About me,

I'm a 29 year old woman and a mother of two, owner of several successful businesses, and female entrepreneur. Growing up I was 1 of 7 children in a household of a total of 12 people in a 3 bedroom home.  At one point in my life, lets just say the couch was the bed for me and my little sister. At  the age of 17 I had moved into my own apartment and became a single mom. Now this began a new chapter in my life I was now  living pay check to pay check and just couldn't make ends meet.  I refused to struggle anymore! When starting my businesses I had no business experience and no money, but I had a plan and I had my faith. It was my child , ambition, and desire to never struggle again. I have no college education. I had to teach myself everything I know by reading books, attending workshops, seminars, webinars etc. I really want to help serve women that are in need. Now that I am a successful business women, its my turn to give back. So my goal is to use my platform to empower women like you to chase their dreams & goals. 

Sieria Payne